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Taylor Microwave warrants its products for a period of 2 years from the date of shipment to be free from defects caused by faulty material or poor workmanship. The liability of
Taylor Microwave under this warranty is limited to replacing, repairing, or issuing credit, at its option, for any products which are returned by purchaser during such period, provided:

(a) Taylor Microwave is promptly notified in writing upon discovery of such defects by purchaser, and

(b) The defective unit is returned to Taylor Microwave, Miami, Florida transportation charges prepaid by purchaser, and

(c) Taylor Microwave examination of such unit shall disclose to its satisfaction that such defects exist and have not been caused by misuse, neglect, improper installation, improper
storage, repair, alteration or accident.

Taylor Microwave reserves the right to make product improvements and/or design changes in any of its products without incurring any obligation or liability to make the same changes
in units previously purchased.

Stripline Components


Directional Couplers

Bias Tees and DC Blocks


Limiters and Levelers

Power Dividers/Combiners

Pin Diode Switches

Phase Shifters


Dielectric Resonator

Phase Locked

Mechanical Tuned


Integrated Sub-assemblies can be built to customer
specifications where the specific component and
interface can be done by TMI. Also, sub-assemblies
can be manufactured from customer specifications.
Our complete In House capability enables us to
promptly provides high quality components. For
technical assistance or further information consult
Taylor Microwave, Inc.

Ordering and General Innformation

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